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Why private equity firms choose Dealstack?

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Save time
Simplify deal admin with automated workflows, doc creation, and seamless transaction for all parties
Eliminate errors
Minimise errors and secure perfect records. Clean data allows reliable valuations with auditability
Get an edge
Improve culture and performance through employee participation. Motivated teams yield superior returns

Programme of your choice, at any point

Dealstack's workflow simplifies the complexities of rolling out broad co-ownership programmes. It also enables focused management incentive plans. Go live with Dealstack at any point: at entry, during the holding period, or to prepare for a smooth exit.


Built for all

Everyone benefits. We make it easy for lawyers, deal teams, and specialist functions to work together. No more endless email exchanges and tracking sheets. We give you real-time progress as portfolio company employees complete all actions directly on Dealstack.


Designed to work locally

Dealstack meets all local legal requirements to roll out investment programmes. We use eIDAS compliant digital signatures and our KYC process complies with the 4th AML Directive. We can also provide tailored solutions to align fully with your existing processes.

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with Dealstack
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Additional benefits include
Data accuracy
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GDPR compliance
Team happiness

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Every private equity deal is different, how does the product address deal specifics?

The product is designed to retain required flexibility. There is a great amount of similarity between investment programmes and we have designed a product based on those shared features. However, as a key guiding principle, we do not want to change things that work and take away that precious feeling of control. We create scale where it makes sense. The best way to find out how the product works is to sign up for a demo here.

At which stage of the deal cycle should I engage Dealstack?

Dealstack helps with the onboarding of management into investment programmes. Investment professionals and legal advisors typically engage us once the deal has been agreed or “signed”.

Where are you based?

Our main office is in London, UK. We have a centre of excellence in Poland. Our commercial team operates across Europe and our team members speak over five languages.

Are you GDPR compliant?

The Dealstack platform is hosted within the eu-west-2 (London) region of AWS. Customer data is held in compliance with the requirements of GDPR, and all operational processes in relation to customer data are compliant with GDPR.

Is data stored in the cloud?

Dealstack is wholly hosted with Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS is ISO 27001 certified. The ISO 27001 certification is a global standard for information security. All customer interactions with the Dealstack platform take place over secure TLS connections. Customer data remains encrypted when stored within the Dealstack platform, and when in transit within the platform.

I am interested in using Dealstack. How does onboarding work?

Request access by filling out your details here or by contacting us at Once we have understood your requirements, you will receive your credentials and you will be ready to go. We can provide you with access within a few hours if you have an urgent need. If you ever need our help, we are always available to answer questions and provide guidance.

Is the full onboarding managed through Dealstack?

Yes. Deal managers input the details of the investment programme into Dealstack, request investor personal information, specify KYC requirements and upload the legal contracts. Management investors are onboarded on the Dealstack platform, providing requested information and executing the relevant contracts through Dealstack’s guided workflow. The best way to find out how this works in practice is to sign up for a demo here.

Who are the main users of Dealstack?

The product has been designed by experienced private equity professionals with knowledge of the needs of the target audience in mind. These are: investment professionals, legal advisors, functional experts (for example, fund / SPV administrators), company management and individual management investors.

What type of signatures do you support for execution of legal documents?

Dealstack supports signatures ranging from wet ink signatures, to eIDAS compliant digital signatures and various digital signatures in between. The client can choose their preference depending on jurisdiction and internal compliance.

What are the benefits of engaging Dealstack?

Dealstack’s software product improves collaboration between investment professionals, legal advisors, functional experts (for example, fund / SPV administrators), company management and individual investors. It reduces errors and time spent on setting up investment programmes and makes them simpler to manage and track over time.

Can I retain access to the platform throughout the holding period?

The benefit of using our platform is in onboarding management investors and keeping record of ownership throughout the holding period. Therefore, users have access throughout the holding period as part of the engagement. You can always come back to find all the information related to the investment programme at any time.

How does your pricing work?

Our pricing is based on the value we help create to our clients. Value is created at the point of the onboarding of the management investors and subsequent management of joiners and leavers throughout the holding period and at exit. Therefore, we charge an onboarding fee, an ongoing access fee and an access fee, at the end of the holding period. We want our pricing to be transparent and easy to understand, please get in touch here and we can demo the product for you and explain our pricing in more detail.

If deal managers or management investors get stuck on a particular step or have any queries, what is the level of customer support?

We offer 24/7 support to our clients. If you need to reach us then we recommend that you contact us by email to this address and we will respond as soon as possible. If you are a client and your query is urgent or you require telephone support, you can call our dedicated helpline on this number: +448455281487. Please note that our main language of operation is English although we have multiple team members with good working knowledge of most of the main European languages.