Dealstack is on a mission to power private equity

Dealstack was founded by experienced private equity practitioners with the goal of ending the outdated deal administration practices that have plagued the industry since its inception. Manual and repetitive, these practices remain very time-consuming, costly, and error prone. We know how frustrating they can be. Yet, while we cannot remove the need for these tasks to be completed, we can equip professionals with better tools.

The design of Dealstack is fully focused on helping our old selves work faster, smoother and feel better. By engineering away the burden of deal administration, we can give way to what matters most, creating value. We want Dealstack to become a central part of the dealmaking toolkit – just as obvious as Word, Excel or PowerPoint might feel today – only 100x better!

We recognise that changing old habits can be difficult. Our aim is not to change what works and take away that precious feeling of control. We want to enhance, not replace. Evolve, not revolutionise. We know that peace of mind is central to our users. To that end, we have built Dealstack with best-in-class security, service, and user experience as our core guiding principles.

Join us!